Not all laser tag guns are created equal. You will appreciate this when you play with our military grade laser tag rentals that use infrared and RF signals. They are tailored to provide the intelligence and technology needed to eliminate your opponent yet simple enough to be used by all ages.

Advanced Technology:
> FIRING MODES: Single shot or Semi-auto mode at 10 shots/second!
> RANGE: over 1000 feet using Infrared and RF signals, day/night!
> INTEL: On board computer controls game to not allow cheating!
> You know who you shot and who shot you, instantly!
> AUDIBLE and VISUAL SIGNALS: To stop/start games; countdown to game start; signal when you are shot; signal when you shot opponent, etc.
> SPEED: Your shots fire at the speed of light! There is no dodging infrared shots!
> RF Signals: These latest technology guns also use RF signals to communicate stats between each gun and a central control tower.

Live updates on your status including: HEALTH, AMMO, KILLS, TIME, WHO SHOT YOU, WHO YOU SHOT, etc!

Our Laser Tag center includes a Radio tower that allows all guns to communicate through complex RF signals. This way information is shared about each of the guns, and everyone’s scores and status are readily available. Our tower communicates throughout our property! All this technology, only at Rise and Climb's Laser Tag PEI!

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