Frequently Asked Questions
Can I just show up or do I have to book in advance?
We require a reservation to ensure there's staff and equipment on hand. We'd be just as disappointed to tell you we're fully booked as you if you miss out on our adrenaline-filled experience. Make your reservation quickly and easily by contacting the office

Will you bring the gear to me?
We will take our gear to your place for that epic birthday party in your backyard or for a work function throughout the offices or even for a church function at your church. There are no projectiles so we can play literally anywhere. Check out our Mobile Packages under Rates for more info.

How can I pay?
We can take credit, debit or cash.

How long should I play?
Most people will be get tired in about an hour and a half, it is very intense and a good workout! However, the young and athletic crowd can last for a good two hours of running and shooting each other, through the different scenarios.

What should I wear?
You should wear something suitable for running around in the woods that allows freedom of movement including adequate footwear (preferably sneakers) and long pants. Wear something you don't mind getting dirty as you might be rolling around in the woods and on the hills.

Will it hurt? Is the laser dangerous?
Laser tag does not hurt as an infrared beam, similar to your television remote, is fired at the speed of light, at your opponent. Since it is an invisible beam, and not a laser beam, it is not dangerous, whatsoever! Since there is not impact, unlike paintball, there is no pain.

What is the difference between laser tag and paintball?
1. In paintball you get a projectile that is actually fired towards you. In this aspect, you do feel getting hit.  Since paintballs break on impact, they also tend to mark up your clothes, (although it is water washable).

2. A plus for paintball, is that you can hit someone anywhere on the body, foot, back, gun, head, etc. and it counts! In laser tag, you need to aim in the vicinity of the receiver.  However, an advantage of our laser tag guns, unlike other systems, is that the receiver is on the gun which is the most relevant part your opponent exposes in order to shoot at you.

3. An advantage for our laser tag system is that it control aspects of the game that cannot be done in paintball, or other laser tag systems for that matter.  The game is controlled by an on-board computer that gives audible/visual signals to the player along with an LCD display that reports the player’s performance.  It accounts for different game parameters, including time, kills, ammo, health, shots, who you shot, who shot you, and many other stats.  In fact, we can provide a full report at the end of the session of each team and player performance.

4. There is no doubt that paintball is higher adrenaline, due to the “fear factor” of getting hit by a paintball but it is not for everyone.  For this reason, laser tag is more widely acceptable by a larger demographic.  For example, the age range for laser tag is 5 years and up, while for paintball, the minimum age is 10.

In the end, both are a great workout, both are very intense, both require team and good communication skills to accomplish the objective!

What will I do with my stuff while on the course?
We can provide you with a space to keep a few small items (keys) but it's best to leave as much as possible in your vehicle.

Do you have washroom facilities?
There are public washrooms in the Terry Fox Clubhouse. Stop by on your way from the parking lot to the course.

Are staff members playing with me?
Staff will help you with the gear and train you. They'll teach you some new games and help you with strategy. They can even play a few rounds with you to get you going if you like.

Are you open in the rain?
We are open even if it is raining.  Just dress for the weather! 

Is there anywhere for spectators and photographers to watch?
Spectators are welcome to watch from the seating areas around the course.

When Should I arrive?
You should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your reservation to allow time for checking in.

Do you have Group Rates?
We offer discounts for groups of 10 or more. See our Rates section for more details.

Is there an age restriction?
We recommend Laser Tag for ages 6 and up due to the weight of the guns and the terrain in the woods.  If younger members of the family want to participate, they could always share a gun with an older player.

What about health concerns?
Please consult your doctor if you have any health concerns before trying Laser Tag. It can be a strenuous workout.  If you have a bad back, heart problems, trouble balancing, are pregnant or something to this extent then we would recommend consulting your physician before playing. 
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