Laser Tag games played on site are played in the great outdoors. We have nearly 10 acres of woods, hills and open fields to do battle on. Ten years ago, our site was a former quarry pit and has since been overgrown with trees and vegetation atop left over mounds, hills and cut-outs. It's an awesome piece of property for laser tag as the terrain lends itself to a number of strategic games and options for play. 

For example, you can do battle in heavily wooded areas where stealth and camouflage are a must. Or you can duke it out atop the hills where securing the crests are advantageous and victory dependent upon holding the high ground. Or you can do battle in the open speed ball fields, where quickness and accuracy are required. If you have enough players you can even play across all three quadrants and take advantage of all the terrain using the surroundings to your advantage and securing victory with sound strategy and solid execution.

There are endless scenarios and games to try. We enjoy the following but are open to anything that works:

> Free for all. Every player for themselves. Last man standing or the highest point total.
> Team play. Last team standing or highest team total.
> The Bomb Game. Players must invade and hold the opponents base and set off the self destruct timer.
> President. Eliminate the other teams president before they get yours.
> Prisoner. All players against the lone prisoner who has the advantage of more health and ammo.
> Capture the flag. One flag or two. So many options here.
> Medics. Each team has a medic who can heal their mates. You try to eliminate their medic and then their team.

There are lots of games to play and lots of different fields to play them in at Laser Tag PEI. Our staff will help find the perfect scenarios for you and your group. The more time you have the more games you can play. Regardless though you'll have a great time eliminating your friends and striving for lone or team victory.
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